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Who Needs Salt?

Everybody has a cookbook. I sought something different. The book is a 2 volume set. Volume 1: Fundamentals (50 pages, 19 recipes) contains short stories of my food influences since I was 3. Most of these influences are all Cleveland based, from working at Danny Boy’s Farm Market, North Olmsted, in high school, to the Westside Market, to cooking live on channel 3, to teaching cooking classes in Brownhelm Township, to my worldly travel food influences, including China and eating at the #1 ranked Michelin restaurant, Osteria Francescana, Italy. The trajectory of the book then takes you to my health scare which changed my cooking habits and lifestyle. From there, I explain how to significantly reduce salt in your diet, while feeling like you are eating like a normal person. I take the foods I used to love eating and convert them to low sodium recipes. These include items at restaurants and grocery stores. From Olive Garden to those delicious brown buns at Texas Roadhouse, I muddled my way into my own beef jerky, BBQ, breads, pickles and many others. Volume 2 (68 pages, 71 recipes), takes the fundamentals from volume 1 and builds on them with companion recipes, and other low sodium creative dishes. What the Cleveland Plain Dealer said: Who needs salt? NE Ohio author bluntly addresses sodium issue

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"Improve your health, lower your blood pressure, eliminate bloating and give your heart a rest"

Food provides us nourishment, brings us together, encourages us to enjoy each other's company and builds memories. Someone needs to cook. I choose to be that guy. Every holiday has traditional food; Thanksgiving has turkey, Easter it’s ham and you can’t have a St Patrick’s Day without the Rueben. But what about all the other days? These are my days. The kitchen can offer creativity if you choose to look for it. With a little effort and experimenting, the fear will fade and you will have fun in the kitchen making great food for your family and friends.

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About the author

DAVID CHIPPI is a Cleveland native of 54 years. A husband and father of two boys who settled in Avon Lake in 1999 after marrying his wife Kathy. Dave graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1990 and an MBA from Oakland University in 1996. While his career path in Industrial sales has allowed him to work for big and small companies traveling the world, selling technical products and solutions, he has always had an affinity for food. Always in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes or trying out something he saw in his travels. Dave has worked in restaurants, for caterers, cooked on live television and taught cooking classes for 7 years. Dave started focusing on low salt recipes in 2018 after a health scare that changed his lifestyle. Not wanting to be trapped in a world of limited choices, Dave pushed head strong into adapting food to meet his low sodium lifestyle needs. The result was an increased passion for food and an undeniable curiosity for all things food.
Enjoy his food journey.

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